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The K-Factor KĀV filter is 3 times more powerful than the similar filters in the market and significantly less expensive. The KĀV operates inline with advanced control features, an oversized vacuum tank, a liquid ring vacuum pump delivering up to 27” Hg, and customized vacuum assist drying deck, and a media rewinder. Complete with a media out sensor, inlet valve control, float shower, and stack light the KĀV delivers high reliability and requires low maintenance.


How the K-Factor KĀV Works

  1. The liquid flow is pumped into the K-Factor KĀV Filter and evenly distributed by a specialized header box across preselected and appropriate media.
  2. The soiled liquid is confined and is subjected to vacuum force employing the media to capture the solids.
  3. The contaminated liquid is drawn through the media to capture the solids. Solids build into a cake on the media capturing more solids.  Pressure continues to force the liquid through the densely packed cake and media removing solids down to 1 micron.
  4. As the liquid level rises, a fluid level float sensor initiates the advance cycle. During this sequence:
    • The inlet flow is interrupted.
    • Vacuum stays on until liquid level is lowered then vacuum is released
    • fresh media is automatically introduced and the KĀV discharges solids in a completely automated process.
  5. As the soiled media exits the KĀV, it travels across a customized vacuum drying shelf rendering the solids virtually moisture-free.
  6. Spent media is efficiently collected by an integrated media rewinder where the solid cake is scraped into a separate bin.
  7. The specially configured rewinder is designed for easy load and unload of the spent media.
  8. Throughout the process, the solids-free filtered liquid is collected in an oversized vacuum tank and returned to the process for reuse by means of a dedicated pump.
  9. The intricate control system ensures the continuous liquid flow from the vacuum tank to the customer process even when inlet flow is interrupted during the advance cycle. The oversized vacuum tank ensures there is sufficient liquid buffer to offset decreased inlet flow during the advance cycle.

For more information on the one-of-a-kind KĀV contact K-Factor Filter at 1-855-593-7301.

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