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Compact Media Filters

Our Compact Media Filter has all the benefits of media filtration, specifically designed for low flow applications up to 60 gpm. This filtration is ideal for parts washing, lathes and machining and honing. The CMF is fully automated and eliminates the need for costly bag and filter cartridge changes, delivering savings in time and resources.

  • Body Material: Offered in Painted Carbon Steel & 304 SS
  • Vertical Float Switch
  • Simplified Control Panel
  • CMF-10
  • CMF-20
  • CMF-30
  • CMF-40
  • CMF-50
  • CMF-60

How it Works

  1. The flow of liquid enters the COMPACT MEDIA FILTER through the header box which evenly distributes the flow across the media.
  2. The flow of liquid is contained within the two sealing wheels allowing the media to trap the solids and return the clean liquid to the process.
  3. As the liquid level in the filter between the two sealing wheels rises, it will be sensed by a level float and initiate a cleaning cycle; new fresh media is introduced and the dirty media exits the filter.
  4. The clean filtered liquid returns to the process
  5. There are no seal wheels in the CMF.

For more information on the one-of a kind Compact Media Filters contact K Factor Filter at 1-855-593-7301.

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