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This in-line addition to the PAC-MAG system fully recovers fluids and precipitates from PAC-MAG purges. The key benefit of the K-Drum is focused recovery of valuable process fluids and removal of suspended solids. This is possible through the use of high intensity rare-earth magnets that are 10 times more powerful than conventional magnets.

  • Body Material:
    • 304 SS
  • 24V motor
  • Electrical & Control Panel Features:
    • Integrated AB PLC/HMI Control
  • Sight Tube
  • Expanded tunnel outlet
  • SD
  • SD+
  • Wringer Roller
  • Black Belt
  • Recovery tank and Sump Pump Kit

How it Works

For more information on the one-of a kind Smart Drum contact K Factor Filter at 1-855-593-7301.

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