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Oil Water Separators

K-Factors’ customized Oil Water Separators provide a wide range of flow and removal capabilities. Each K-Factor OWS system is tailor-made for customer conditions to maximize the removal of insoluble oil and petroleum products. K-Factor Oil Water Separators are versatile and provide standard setting solutions for oily wastewater with the dependability, efficiency, and ease of operation necessary to address your site-specific processes.

  • 304 Stainless Steel Body
  • Polypropylene Coalescing Media
  • Manual Skimmer
  • OWS-25
  • OWS-50
  • Timer controlled Auto Skimmer
  • Conical Bottom Tank
  • Diaphragm Feed Pump
  • Heavy Duty Castors

How it Works

  1. Oily liquid enters the filter through the inlet header in the first compartment. In order to enter the second compartment, the liquid must pass underneath a partition that is open only an inch above the filter floor. Since oil mostly floats on the surface, this partition prevents much of the oil from entering the second compartment.
  2. Once the liquid passes underneath the partition, into the second compartment, it flows upward through blocks of polypropylene coalescing media. Since polypropylene attracts oil particles, the flow of liquid in the second compartment separates oils significantly.
  3. As oil particles reach the surface in the second compartment, they are skimmed off the top by two skimmers. A) Mobile Oil Scavenger: This equipment roams across the surface collecting surface oil and pumping it through a hose to disposal. B) Stationary Skimmer: A static tube with slots constantly skims the surface as it sits in place.
  4. Compartment two has another wall with a similar partition inches above the filter floor that directs the flow of liquid into compartment number three.
  5. Once the liquid flows into the third compartment, it is virtually oil-free. One last chance to separate oil, the third compartment features a clean outlet near the floor of the tank preventing any residual oils from exiting the filter.

For more information on the one-of a kind Oil Water Separator contact K Factor Filter at 1-855-593-7301.

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