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This one of a kind, patented magnetic separator is revolutionary! You haven’t seen anything like it. We built in a “crystal ball” so you can see it working. Dirty liquid passes through the inclined magnetic tunnel where ferrous particles are collected and disposed of like magic! The fully automatic, self-cleaning system has few moving parts and doesn’t use consumables which means no down time or maintenance.

  • Body Material:
    • Polished 304 SS
  • Electrical & Control Panel Features:
    • Programmable AB VFD
    • 1/2 HP Motor
  • Overflow Switch
  • Clear PVC dirt collection Box
  • GT-MAG-200

  • GT-MAG-300

  • GT-MAG-400

  • GT-MAG-500

  • GT-MAG-600

  • Tank Mounted
  • Tank Leve & Pump Control
  • AB PLC/HMI Control

How it Works

  1. Dirty liquid enters the GT-MAG via the inlet header.
  2. Then travels through the GT-MAG where it is subjected to the magnetic field on the inclined tunnel.
  3. Clean water flows to a separate compartment.
  4. The collected ferrous particles automatically drop into an isolated clear container (The Crystal Ball) where you can be entertained watching the particles drop.
For more information on the one-of a kind GT-MAG contact K Factor Filter at 1-855-593-7301.

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