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The K-OptiFil system is a reliable backwash filter for the finest filtration of industrial fluids and for water treatment, its patented backwash system ensures the highest process continuity at the lowest backwash quantities.

In addition, the unique support system ensures the usage of different filter media, The K-OptiFil may also be configured as a sieve or a depth filter, or even as a cake-building filtration system.

  • Filter fineness down to 1 μm
  • Patented backwash mechanism
  • High backwash efficiency
  • Acids, alkalis, solvents, resins,
  • Process water, river water, sea
    water, potable.
  •  Well water, wastewater,
    formation water, cooling water.
  • Sugar solutions, molasses, starch.
  •  Oil, oil additives, cooling lubricants, cleaning bath solutions, and surfactants.


During filtration, the backwash mechanism remains in the waiting position [1]. The filtration works from the inside to the outside.

An automatic backwash is triggered by a preset differential pressure level (or by a timer).

Thereby, the flow direction is reversed at a very small part of the surface, the very high flow rate aims at an efficient flush [2] of the particles out of the filter material. The backwash lasts only for about 2-3 seconds, while the filtration remains active.

The patented sealing [3] between the infiltrate and the filtrate chamber enabled the lowest reject quantities.

The standard material is stainless steel of quality 316Ti. Other materials are available on request.

The standard design is suitable for options at 120oC. On request, also higher operating temperatures are possible.

K Optifil how it works

For more information on the one-of-a-kind, Q-FILTER® contact K Factor Filter at 1-855-593-7301.

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