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The K-MAG filter is an in-line industrial magnetic separation system delivering 80% better capture rates than conventional magnetic separators. The K-MAG is fully automatic, self-cleaning and is 15 times more powerful than conventional magnetic separators. The K-MAG’s in-line, stainless-steel construction makes it extremely durable. Operating continuously and requiring no maintenance or downtime, a K-MAG filtration solution will save you time and money.

  • 304 stainless Steel Body
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Fully Automatic
  • Fitted In-line
  • Magnetic Strength (10,000 Gauss)
  • Flows from 12 GPM & up
  • AB PLC/HMI Controls
  • K-MAG-30
  • K-MAG-60
  • K-MAG-120
  • K-MAG-250 (Sigle Station)
  • K-MAG-500 (2-Station)
  • K-MAG-750 (3-Station)
  • K-MAG-1000 (4-Station)
  • K-MAG-1250 (5-Station)
  • K-MAG-1500 (6-Station)
  • Solid State PCB  Controls
  • Buna or EPDM ETP O-Rings
  • Spring Return Actuator

How the K-MAG Works

  1. Contaminated liquid flows into the K-MAG maintaining system pressure.
  2. The soiled liquid encounters a series of thin walled, stainless steel tubes that contain powerful rare earth magnets.
  3. The flow velocity and path inside the K-MAG are modified, maximizing the contact time of the particles to the magnetic field. The combination of high-intensity magnets, low flow velocities, and a unique flow path provides 80% better capture rates than conventional magnetic separators.
  4. Once an established quantity of debris is captured on the tubes an automatic purge is initiated. During this process dirty liquid is diverted away from the clean outlet.
  5. 100% of the captured solids are quickly purged into the Smart Drum (optional) as the magnetic force is removed.
  6. (Optional stage) The strength of the magnetic Smart Drum pulls the purged ferrous debris onto the Black Belt Conveyor. The Black Belt conveyor transports the metallic debris out of the Smart Drum and into collection area.

For more information on the one-of a kind KMAG contact K Factor Filter at 1-855-593-7301.

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