Pre Treatment

The K Factor Filter has been successfully installed in automotive manufacturing and assembly operations where there was a need for highly efficient filtration of washing and pre-treatment of assemblies prior to painting.

Some of the challenges that are faced in this application are:

  • High costs of water and chemical usage
  • Inefficient filtration and clogging
  • High rate of defects from residual dirt and oil

Here are examples of a number of specific applications:

Deluge Process

Deluge is using a series of cannon-like nozzles to aggressively hit the manufactured vehicle with very high flow of water to remove the debris from the manufacturing process

The challenge

After the deluge washes the unwanted dirt from the vehicle this dirt is now in the tanks and must be removed by draining the tank or filtering.

The K factor Filter has been very successful at filtering out all the dirt.

  • Remove weld balls that float
  • Remove weld balls that sink
  • Remove sealer
  • Remove Kevlar
  • Remove sand and grit
  • Remove all the dirt with the k factor filter.


This K Factor Filter installed and operating at 500 gpm - 23 micron in a parts line in an automotive plant

Spray stage 1

Stage 1 is after the deluge and this stage can be dip or spray and can also be heated or not heated. The key is to reduce the amount of dirt on the vehicle an very important to filter out this dirt.

The K factor Filter has many of these installations. The K Factor Flter is fully automatic and can be designed to retrofit into an existing system or a new system.


  • Weld balls
  • Sealer
  • Metal sludge
  • All dirt

Get the dirt to the filter and the K factor filter will remove it!

K Factor Filter has lots of successful installations for this application. We can design, engineering and provide whatever is required.

In each of these applications the filter offers a significant range of features and benefits

If you would like to obtain more detailed information regarding your specific application please complete our request for information and submit to us. We will respond within two business days providing you details of our solution.
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