Pre-Paint Dirt Removal - Case Study 3

Company August 2009
Application Automotive Body Paint � North America
Project description Existing paint pre-finish filter was not functioning. Filter deemed "self-cleaning" was clogging. High turbidity and conductivity rates indicated high levels of after-filter particulate. Needed to reduce the costs of operating the filter while improving the results.
Filter K-600 [600 gpm]
Micron requirement 25 microns nominal
Location Pre-rinse
Flow 500 gpm
Units/hour 48.9
Units 440/9 hour shift
Media advance in one hour 9 Inches
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One sq. ft. of 25 micron clean media weighs 2.5 grams

One Sq. ft. of 25 micron dirty media weighs 20.5 grams

Weight of Dirt per sq. ft. 18.0 grams

K-600 filter media width: 6 Sq. Ft.

Total weight of 6 Sq. Ft. of dirty media: 108 grams

Less 25% to account for 9" media advancement 27 grams Less

Total dirt removed in one hour 81 grams

48.8 units per hour divided by 81 grams 1.7 grams per unit

Deluge proposal:

  • More dirt at the deluge
  • Smaller tank at the deluge
  • More tank turn over for the deluge
  • The proposal was to install a 150 gpm unit in Deluge to replace the abandoned Red Filter.
  • The calculations for the existing filter show a removal rate of 1.7 grams
  • The new K factor Filter will remove at least .6 grams per unit.
  • Due to the higher volume of dirt the expectation will be 1.0 grams per unit or greater.
  • Get the dirt to the filter and it will remove more.

Budget costs

Cost for the filter $20,000

Cost for the installation $5,000

Total cost $25,000


  • The K Factor Filter will remove all the dirt above 25 micron and lower.
  • The K Factor Filter will remove:
    • Kevlar
    • Sealer
    • Metal
    • Sand
    • Grit
    • All the dirt regardless of weight

The K Factor Filter is a cost effective way to reduce Dirt Per Unit (DPU)

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