Pre-Treatment Initial Stages - Case Study 2

Company Automotive Manufacturing �Luxury vehicle plant�
Application Pre Treatment Initial Stages
Project description To filter out and remove weld balls that sink and weld balls that float, sealer, Kevlar, metal sludge, Sand, grit, ear plugs, tie wraps, And other debris that comes from the body shop and the chassis plant. Any dirt in the initial stages of the pre treatment process will cause defects, increase chemical usage, increased tank cleaning and issues with the primer e coat. This filter is on 1st stage.
Flow Rate 600 gpm
Micron requirement 25 microns
Total Project cost $140,000.00 complete with installation
Cost to operate $4,000.00
Return on Investment Initial savings was $225,000.00 in tank cleaning, saved on water usage, reduced the dirt per unit. The return on investment initially was 6 month. This plant is now saving over $300,000.00 per year net dollars.
Note K Factor Filter was invited to put a filter in this plant because of the success in this manufacturers other plants.
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Testimonial The engineer on this project gave us a testimonial which read �I would recommend the K Factor Filter for every automotive pre treatment process�