Pulp and Paper Plant: Case Study 1

Company Pulp and Paper Plant
Application River Water
Project description To engineer and design a filter system to replace the numerous screens, backwashing filters, strainers and other filtration devices throughout the plant. They wanted a filter without maintenance. This was a complicated design using the head flow pressure from the canal at high and low water. The K factor filter was a good choice because it would respond to varying flows and upsets in solids loading.
Flow Rate 2800 Gallons per Minute.
Micron requirement 50 microns
Total Project cost $200,000
Cost to operate $4,000 per year
Return on Investment Less than one year.
Note The motivation was to reduce maintenance and to have a consistent water flow to the plant. They wanted to stop nozzle plugging and to reduce any downtime. They also wanted to remove solids that would cause issues with the color of the paper produced. This project was a good success.
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