Clarifier - Case Study 1

Company Pulp and Paper
Application Filter Clarifier Overflow Water
Project description To recover and to filter overflow water from the existing clarifier to be used in waste treatment area. This water was typically going down the drain. The challenge was to come up with a media that would work well with the existing polymers in the water. The micron retention requirement was 200 micron because the solids were pulp stock that floated in the clarifier.
Flow Rate Maximum 70 gpm
Micron requirement 200 microns
Total Project cost $20,000
Cost to operate $1,000
Return on Investment The cost of buying the city water was approximately $35,000. The payback was less than one year. This had a direct saving in water as well as an impact on waste treatment. Initial savings were more than $25,000 in first year.
Note This type of application has opened lots of opportunities in plants that use Clarifiers.
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Testimonial This K factor Filter has run flawless since installation. It only uses two rolls of media per year.

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