Canal Water - Case Study 1

Company Pulp and Paper Plant
Application Canal Water Filtration
Project description To engineer and design a fully automatic filter system to remove all unwanted solids. They also wanted to remove any trace oils from ships in this canal. This Pulp and Paper plant wanted to use the existing free canal water for their process water. They were spending over $400,000 per year on purchasing municipal water.
Flow Rate 450 Gallons Per Minute
Micron requirement 11 microns
Total Project cost The total project cost including the K Factor Filter, piping, pre-fabrication and installation was approximately $275,000.
Cost to operate $3,000 per year
Return on Investment The initial return on investment was much less than one year. The net saving after the installation costs for the first year was $125,000. These costs have gone up since this installation and they are now saving $600,000per year according to the plant
Note This was a challenge because of the micron size and the contaminants that were in the canal water. The customer went out to 15 other filter manufacturers and the contract was awarded to K Factor Filter.
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Testimonial The K Factor Filter works so well the management and engineering in this plant recommended two more for their other plants. This plant has also allowed the K Factor Filter sales people to bring in potential customers to see the filter in operation.