Waste Water - Case Study 1

Company PVC Pipe Manufacturer
Application Waste Water
Project description This plant manufacturers PVC pipe and fittings. The extrusion machines used in manufacturing drip water into trench drains. When the seals have major leaks they overflow the waste water tank. This water with the PVC debris, dirt, greases, oils and other solids goes to a collection tank. If they have more than one seal problem the tank overflows causing them to not be compliant with the local ministry. The K factor Filter was installed in the system to remove the solids from the waste stream. This plant is now compliant and the filter water is re cycled saving up to 80,000 Gallons of water per day.
Flow Rate 50 gpm
Micron requirement 25 Microns
Total Project cost $25,000
Cost to operate $2,000
Return on Investment Less than 6 months.
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Testimonial This plant is now compliant and is able to recycle the seal water that was sent to drain prior to the installation of the K factor Filter.

A Great success!

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