Magnetic Filtration

The K Factor MAGGIE is a unique patented IN-LINE self cleaning fully automatic filter that will remove ferrous metals at 1 to 3 microns. The following is a brief list of recent applications. Call or email K Factor Filter with your application and we will work to solve your issues- send us a sample for evaluation Applications

  • Sealer
  • Honing
  • Grinding
  • Gun drilling
  • Machining
  • Engine block drilling
  • Remove weld Balls
  • CNC machines
  • Removal of metals from waste lines
  • Parts quality
  • Food Industry pipe lines
  • Parts washing

Spray Nozzle Protection

The K-Mag Magnetic Filters can be arranged in a manifold to increase flow to any capacity.

Purging Options

Option 1: Purge to Drain Option: (Slight Liquid Loss)

  • The purge duration of Maggie can be set from 2 seconds to 40 seconds.
  • The typical range is 4 to 6 seconds.
  • The purge duration is typically increased as the solids load increases.
  • Purge duration is adjusted based upon site specifics.

Liquid Loss Schedule:

  • 2 second purge @ 35 gpm = 1.2 gallons/purge
  • 3 second purge @ 35 gpm = 1.8 gallons/purge
  • 4 second purge @ 35 gpm = 2.2 gallons/purge
  • 5 second purge @ 35 gpm = 2.9 gallons/purge
  • 6 second purge @ 35 gpm = 3.5 gallons/purge

Option 2: Purge to Recovery System Option: (No Liquid Loss)

The recovery vessel builds a cake of waste and returns the liquid back into the system.

  • Saves money on disposal costs
  • Fully Automatic
  • Environmentally friendly

Option 3: Purge to Bag filter Option: (No liquid Loss)

A fairly inexpensive option to further filter out small particles and other debris down to 1 micron.

  • Very little maintenance.

Options for Magnetic Separation

Options for Magnetic Separation

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