Cooling Towers

Every Cooling Tower requires filtration that works. The K Factor Filter shown on our sales bulletin K-101 shows the K Factor Filter installed on the return to the cold water sump. The cooling tower is like a large vacuum that pulls in all the airborne particles and draws all this dirt into the system. This dirt will dramatically increase your costs. The unwanted dirt will plug nozzles, plug heat exchangers, reduce the heat transfer and causes excess use of chemicals. The K Factor Filter is a proven way to filter out the solids.

The flow of water from the cooling tower enters the K Factor Filter by gravity from the cooling tower and is filtered down to 5 micron by the engineered filter media and flows into the cold side of the remote sump completely clean and free from solids. This automatic self cleaning filter will remove all the dirt continuously and without any maintenance.

  • Fully automatic
  • Self cleaning
  • No backwash
  • No chemical loss
  • Down to 5 microns
  • Will handle large particles
  • Unique shearing action

Go Green - filter out the dirt, save engergy and have great payback.

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