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System 2000

The EasyClean's EC700 line consists of pods with seven elements per pod. The modular design allows combining these pods to handle medium to unlimited gpm flow requirements. Our larger systems are referred to as System 2000 designs.

The System 2000, modular in design, fabricated from stainless steel and utilizing a state-of-the-art PLC control system, is an ideal filtration solution for many medium to high flow rate applications.

The System 2000 is comprised of an unlimited number of pods. Each pod (see below) contains seven filter elements and each pod is connected between stainless steel inlet, outlet and backwash manifolds.

Pneumatically operated backwash valves and a separate wall mounted enclosure make the System 2000 ideal for hazardous and wet applications.

Due to its design, the System 2000 can be modified to allow for an external backwash supply.

Filter Operation

Liquid enters the filter through the inlet header and then to each of the pods via their 4" inlets. The inlet to each pod has been specially designed to give a tangential angle of entry for the incoming liquid. This angle then causes the dirty fluid to take on a centrifugal action inside each pod. The purpose of this centrifugal action is to hold the larger particles in suspension while the filter elements remove the smaller and lighter particles. Further, the velocity of liquid as it enters into the pod is drastically reduced by the great change in diameter. This encourages larger debris to settle to the bottom of the pod, above the backwash valve. In this way, the filter is able to accommodate larger quantities of debris without overloading the surface area of the filter elements. All debris is kept to the outside of the filter elements while the clean liquid is discharged from each pod by their 4" outlets. The clean discharge from each pod flows away from the filter via the discharge header.

At a predetermined differential pressure, the filter will automatically carry out a 100% self-cleaning operation called a backwash. This backwash operation is designed to clean all the pods in sequence while still maintaining the designed flow of clean liquid to the system. The sequence is as follows:

Each pod is cleaned in turn by simultaneously closing the 4" inlet valve and opening the 2" backwash valve fitted at the bottom of the pod. This backwash valve is fitted immediately below the pod to enable the debris to be removed as quickly as possible, in addition larger debris will be deposited on top of this valve. By opening this valve, the backwash outlet from the pod is now open to atmospheric pressure, which will cause a portion of clean filtered liquid to flow through each of the seven elements in a reverse direction. This reverse supply of liquid, will cause the filter element to open along its entire length, vibrating at the same time, thereby achieving a very thorough cleaning effect.

In this way, all debris is removed from the outside of the filter element, even debris that may be lodged on the surface of the filter element. This results in an efficient backwash with very little fluid loss. The backwash sequence to clean each pod is normally 2 - 4 seconds. When one pod has been backwashed, the next pod is then cleaned and so on until all the pods have been backwashed. Once the backwash has been completed, the filter will return to its clean differential pressure every time.