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The Phoenix is recommended for mid-range flow rate applications between 50-250 gpm and offers uninterrupted flow during backwash. Absolute filtration from 20-400 micron can be achieved with this filter.

Economical and compact, the Phoenix filter is the ideal answer to many filtration applications. Fabricated from stainless steel and engineered plastics it is fully compatible with a wide range of liquids and operating conditions up to 200oF and 150 psi. The filter's 3" flanged connections accommodate flow rates up to 250 gpm. It features three modes of backwash control: differential pressure, timer or manual override. The Phoenix provides unmatched, automatic, 100% cleaning with each backwash.

The backwash of the Phoenix is accomplished by rotating a polyacetal "shoe" on the diverting valve, powered by either a 24 VDC motor/gearbox assembly (Electro-Pneumatic Model) or a pneumatic actuator indexing a pair of dog clutches (Pneumatic Model). The controls are either contained within the filter for compactness or in a wall mounted NEMA enclosure for hazardous, wet and hot applications.


Photo illustrates customized panel to operate two Phoenix's in parrallel.

  • Automotive - Deluge and pretreatment stages, parts washing, machine coolant, and process cooling.
  • Pulp and Paper - White water, spray nozzle protection, vacuum pump seal water, and river intake.
  • Food Processing - Flume water, wash water, and waste water.
  • Chemical Processing - Process fluids and protection of analytical equipment.
  • For additional applications, please contact Zero Gravity Filters or your local representative

Features & Benefits

  • Uninterrupted flow during backwash increases system up-time.
  • Fully automatic, 100% self-cleaning operation saves labor.
  • Stainless steel filter element eliminates disposable media and associated costs.
  • Minimal moving parts through simplicity of design reduce maintenance and operating costs.
  • Precision engineered gap ensures efficient particle retention and removal.
  • Compact design saves valuable floor space.
  • Centrifugal "turbo" action optimizes backwash frequency by allowing larger proportion of debris to remain in suspension.

Flow/Pressure Curve


The Zero Gravity Filter Element

The "Zero Gravity" filter is a spiral coil made from aerospace grade stainless steel with raised nidges on the coil's surface, to ensure precise filtration ratings. The coil is wound with a varying pitch, allowing the coil to open evenly from top to bottom, ensuring 100%cleaning with each and every backwash. The height of these nidges is varied in precise manner to give absolute micron ratings from 12 to 400.The coils are fully interchangeable between micron sizes and are guaranteed for five years.