How Liquid/Water Filtration Works

  1. The flow of liquid enters the K FACTOR FILTER into the header box and evenly distributes the flow across the media via the shearing nozzle.
  2. This nozzle creates a shearing action that pushes the solids along to the bottom area of the filter and allows the clean liquid to go through the media.
  3. The flow of liquid is contained within the two sealing wheels allowing the media to trap the solids and the clean to return to the process.
  4. As the liquid level in the filter between the two sealing wheels rises it will be sensed by a level probe and initiate a cleaning cycle.
  5. The clean filtered liquid return to the process.

Note: The shearing action of the filter is the key feature in media usage.

The solids are not pressurized into the media which extends the life of the media and allows for greater solids removal.

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