Case Study 1

Date: September 2009

Stage: Deluge


  • Installed a K Factor Magnetic Filter for trial.
  • Pumped from deluge weir to K Factor Magnetic 3 core Filter.
  • Returned clean liquid to weir.
  • Captured Weld Balls and ferrous metal in 5 micron P-2 sizebag.
  • Returned clean from 5 micron bag to weir.
  • No liquid loss.

The motivation was to capture Weld balls less than 20 microns down to 3 microns.

Flow: 20 gpm

Pressure: 20 psig

Duration: 15 hours

Weight 5 micron bag: 181.4 grams clean

Weight 5 micron bag: 1088.4 grams after 15 hours operation

Weight of dirt: 907 grams

Vehicles per shift: 440 units 9 hour shift

Vehicles per hour: 48.8 units

Dirt per unit: 1.24 grams

Micron size of dirt: 1 to 20 microns.


The K Factor Filter is a fully automatic Magnetic filter that will automatically remove weld balls and other ferrous debris down to the 3 micron range.
  • The collection of weld balls will cause defects.
  • The 35 gpm unit used on trial has the capacity to remove much more.
  • Can go up to 250 gpm and then manifold to meet higher flow requirements.